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Terms & Conditions

Avaso Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "the company". The company is inter-alia into the business of direct marketing of various products. The company exclusively used websites to display the details of the products, marketing methods, business monitoring to promote and create awareness about the company and product sponsored by the company. The company appoints freelance distributors across the country for marketing and selling the products. Before filling the application form, the intending distributor is advised to go through the terms and conditions mentioned herein below thoroughly along with those mentioned in the official website of the company.

1. The following terminology used herein this document represents shall have the meaning as defined here under;

a) Company - Means Avaso Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd.

b) Agreement- The term "Agreement" shall mean the Application and the Compensation Plan and the Distributor Policies and Procedures. I hereby agree to be bound by the Agreement.

c) Consumer - Consumer means and include individuals / body corporate (including partnership firms) who purchases product marketed by Avaso Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd.

d) Independent Distributor - Independent Distributor is the individual or company/partnership firm, proprietary concern who is competent enough to enter contract as per the Indian Contract Act provided who place the order for the product to grant associate with copy to the company.

e) Product - Shall mean and include all the products marketed by the company from time to time.

f) MRP - Means and includes maximum retail prize printed over the price tag appended to the product.

g) Unique ID - Means Unique Identification number issued by the company to independent distributor as a token of acceptance of his application seeking for distributorship for the products marketing by the company.

2. I understand that I am contracting with Avaso Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. for the right to purchase and distribute products and for the promotion of certain sales as described below.

3. I state that I will produce KYC/KYDS documents to appoint as Direct Seller.

4. I agree to comply with all applicable laws relevant to conduct of my activities as an independent Distributor under this Agreement.

5. All money's paid under the Avaso Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. Compensation Plan shall be paid as A/C payee transactions only as Indian Currency and shall be paid to duly registered Avaso Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. Distributorships only.

6. It is prohibited that you indulge in Social Networking sites mentioning Inappropriate content about Avaso Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd., its products, its ranks and its leaders your membership will be no longer valid.

7. Once any distributor is found guilty of having dual distributorship both such ID's will be terminated If a distributor gets involved with legal dispute with the company his distributorship will be on hold till the dispute is settled.

8. Avaso Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. distributorship is for distributing its products and earns retail profit, appointing distributors under you is optional and not mandatory. Avaso Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. will not be liable for any disputes arising on the same.