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"At Avaso Wellbeing Private Limited, we are deeply rooted in the rich tradition and ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, taking pride in emerging as a leading provider of 100% natural and safe wellness and nutraceutical products. Based in Chennai, the bustling capital of Tamil Nadu, India, we seamlessly blend ancient Ayurvedic practices with the convenience of a modern e-commerce platform. This fusion enables us to make the finest health and wellness products readily accessible to you.

Over the past three decades, our unwavering commitment to rigorous research and development in Ayurvedic health and wellness products has been evident. We strive to provide natural solutions that effectively cater to your diverse health needs. Collaborating with top-tier research labs and shipping providers ensures that you receive authentic wellness and nutraceutical products swiftly and with the utmost care.

We take immense pride in our Wellness E-commerce platform, thoughtfully designed to meet your holistic well-being needs. We are confident that you will find our offerings as enriching and transformative as we do. Our dedication to empowering you to lead a life of optimal health and prosperity remains stronger than ever."


Our vision is to be recognized as a trusted leader in the wellness industry, empowering customers to achieve their health and well-being goals through our innovative products, services, and solutions. We are devoted to prioritizing our customers and assisting them in leading healthier, more balanced lives.


Our mission is to cultivate a thriving community with access to the finest quality Ayurvedic and nutraceutical products. We emphasize delivering exceptional customer service, maintaining ethical business practices, and pursuing sustainable operations.


"Join our growing community of wellness enthusiasts and embark on a rewarding journey of personal and professional growth. Sign up for a free account using a referral code to start experiencing the benefits of our transformative products. Share your wellness journey with others, invite them to join our community using your unique referral code, and earn a fixed percentage of income from both your purchases and those of your referrals. Begin your exciting journey as an active Business Associate by purchasing 200BV worth of products. Download the Avaso Wellbeing App for free from the Play Store or App Store, and start your wellness journey today!


Upon completing a customer purchase, you will receive the difference between the customer price and the Business Associate price in your retail income account. Additionally, your business volume (BV) will be calculated and credited to your BV wallet.


Earn 2,000 in direct referral income for every individual who signs up as a Business Associate and purchases 200 Business Volume (BV) based on your referral. To qualify for income, a new associate is advised to make an initial purchase of 200 BV. Referral commissions will be paid once the referring Business Associate's account is active. In case the referrer's account is inactive, the income will be held for 15 days. If the account is not activated within this period, the income will be transferred to the sponsor's active account.


Training and Development:
 At Avaso Wellbeing, we believe in nurturing the growth of our Business Associates. We offer comprehensive training programs and workshops to enhance your skills in product knowledge, sales techniques, and digital marketing strategies. This continuous learning environment aims to empower you to achieve your full potential.

Recognition and Rewards:
 We value the hard work and achievements of our Business Associates. Our reward program includes recognition for top performers, exclusive access to new products, and invitations to national and international wellness events and conferences. These incentives are designed to motivate and celebrate your success.

Community Engagement:
 Join a network of like-minded individuals passionate about wellness and personal growth. Our community events, webinars, and forums provide a platform for networking, sharing experiences, and learning from industry experts.

Digital Tools and Support:
 Leverage our state-of-the-art digital tools to manage your business efficiently. From tracking your sales and income to accessing marketing materials, our user-friendly digital platform is designed to support your business journey.

Health and Wellness Guidance:
 As a Business Associate, you will receive personalized health and wellness guidance from our team of experts. This includes nutrition advice, wellness tips, and insights into holistic living, helping you and your customers lead healthier lives.

Flexible Earning Opportunities:
 Our business model offers the flexibility to earn at your own pace and according to your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a full-time commitment or a part-time opportunity, our plan accommodates your individual goals.

Product Innovation and Feedback: 
Be a part of our product innovation process. Your feedback and insights are valuable in shaping future product development, ensuring that we continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Sustainable Practices: 
Join us in our commitment to sustainability. We continually strive to improve our environmental footprint, and as an associate, you'll play a vital role in promoting and participating in these sustainable practices.

Customer Support:
 Benefit from our dedicated customer support team, ready to assist you and your customers with any queries or issues, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for all.

By joining Avaso Wellbeing as a Business Associate, you become part of a premium brand committed to excellence, innovation, and the well-being of its community.


Matrix Income Structure: At Avaso Wellbeing Pvt Ltd, our Matrix Income is designed to reward team collaboration and individual progress. To qualify for team top-up income, you must have achieved the same level of top-up in your account. This alignment ensures that income is distributed fairly, based on personal and team achievements.

Income Calculation and Settlement:

  • Matrix Top-Up Income:
    This income is calculated based on the eligibility criteria and is settled daily. It rewards associates for their team-building efforts and personal achievements.
  • Generation Income and National Turnover Bonus:
    These are calculated according to predefined eligibility criteria and are settled on the 5th of every month. This structure is designed to recognize and reward long-term business growth and team development.

Holding Period:
If the required top-up level is not present in your account, the potential income will be held for a period of 15 days. This waiting period provides an opportunity for you to meet the necessary criteria.

Redistribution of Unclaimed Income:
If you do not reach the requisite top-up level within the 15-day holding period, the income will then be redirected to your active upline. This ensures that the efforts of active and achieving team members are duly rewarded.

Income Eligibility:
Your eligibility to earn Matrix Income extends for up to 10 cycles, offering a sustained opportunity to benefit from your and your team's efforts. (AV 110 Top Up)

Requirement for Continuity:
To continue receiving Matrix Income, it is imperative to maintain the necessary level of activity and top-up within your account, in alignment with the team’s progress.

Refund Policy and Income Adjustment:
In adherence to the Company's refund policy, if a product is returned, the income already paid to the Business Associate corresponding to that product sale will be deducted from future payments or clawed back. This policy is in place to maintain the integrity of our financial transactions and reward system.

These terms and conditions are designed to create a fair and straightforward framework for all our Business Associates. They aim to foster a professional and ethical business environment that encourages active participation, supports team growth, and ensures fair distribution of income.

Avaso Wellbeing Pvt Ltd does not guarantee any specific level of income to its Business Associates. The earnings from our business associate plan depend entirely on individual sales performance, as well as the skill, ability, and personal effort of each associate. We promote a business model based on merit and personal achievement.



Account Registration and Validity:
For each Permanent Account Number (PAN) registered, only one business ID will be recognized as valid by Avaso Wellbeing Pvt Ltd. Any additional business IDs or accounts associated with the same PAN will be deemed invalid. This measure ensures transparency and fairness in our business operations.

Account Activity:
Business Associates must maintain regular activity within their accounts to remain eligible for income and benefits. Inactivity over a specified period may lead to account deactivation, subject to the company’s reactivation policies.

Income and Qualification Criteria:
All income and qualification statuses of Business Associates are directly linked to their Business Volume (BV). The earning structure is designed to reflect the effort and engagement levels of each associate.

Compliance with Laws:
All Business Associates are expected to comply with the local, state, and national laws and regulations pertaining to direct selling and marketing practices. Any violation may result in termination of the associate agreement and forfeiture of pending incomes.

Product Representations:
Associates must accurately represent Avaso Wellbeing’s products and should not make any unauthorized health claims or guarantees about the products. Misrepresentation can lead to disciplinary action, including account suspension or termination.

Income Claims:
Public statements regarding income earned through our business plan must be truthful and verifiable. Exaggerated claims are prohibited and can mislead potential associates and customers.

Marketing and Advertising:
Associates should adhere to the company's guidelines for marketing and advertising. Use of unauthorized or unapproved marketing materials is strictly prohibited.

Conflict of Interest:
Business Associates are prohibited from engaging in activities that directly compete with or are detrimental to Avaso Wellbeing's interests. This includes participation in other competing direct selling ventures that offer similar products.

Refund and Return Policy:
Detailed information on product returns, refunds, and associated processes is available on our website. Associates should familiarize themselves with these policies to assist customers appropriately.

Dispute Resolution:
Any disputes arising between Business Associates and Avaso Wellbeing Pvt Ltd will be first resolved through mediation or conciliation or through an established grievance redressal mechanism, as outlined in the associate agreement.

Intellectual Property:
The Avaso Wellbeing name, logo, and proprietary information are protected under intellectual property laws. Unauthorized use of these assets is prohibited.

Amendments to Terms:
Avaso Wellbeing Pvt Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. Associates will be notified of any changes, which will be effective immediately upon announcement.

By joining Avaso Wellbeing as a Business Associate, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions, ensuring a professional, ethical, and compliant business practice.


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